Diane Rubino Davies

PHOTOGRAPHER, Diane Davies, is a lifelong, multidisciplinary artist who finds relevance and beauty in the organic. Her keen eye for detail seeks out texture, idiosyncrasy and imperfection, favoring the complex individuality of her subjects over simple physical beauty and infusing her work with a depth and dimension of narrative.

A native of Philadelphia, Diane studied Fashion Design at Moore College of Art & Design.  After moving to New York City, she began a career in graphic design and art direction and worked at several national publications, including Good HousekeepingAmerican BabyMode and Seventeen. During her time in the magazine industry, Davies worked alongside some of the country’s top photographers, selecting locations, clothing and props — an experience she credits with teaching her that even the smallest details in an image have tremendous capacity to reflect its subject and inform the emotional response it evokes. While at Good Housekeeping, she was responsible for the design and art direction of the food pages and gained a love of food photography.

After having children of her own and moving to Boston, she studied photography privately and was soon contributing regularly to Patch.com and the Winchester Star as a photojournalist.

Her fine art exhibits include the food series, “A Sweet Role” for Photography Atelier 15 at the Griffin Museum of Photography in 2011, and children’s portrait series, “In Plain View” for Photography Atelier 17 at the Griffin Museum in 2013.


All images are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without permission.

Portrait by Trisha Krauss

Portrait by Trisha Krauss

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