The Winchester Star, December 2012

DIANE DAVIES HAS A PHOTO EDITOR’S EYE. In her first career, she trained in fashion design, setting up photo shoots and working in the art department of glossy magazines like Good Housekeeping and American Baby. It wasn’t until she left the fast pace of New York City and started a family that she picked up a camera herself. She found that her critical eye was exactly what was needed to wade through the digital world that is quickly overwhelmed with images. “I feel like everything that I’ve done has led to this point,” Davies said. “You can teach somebody the skills, you can teach them how to work the camera, but you can’t teach them the eye.” “I like to capture kids running or playing; natural light is where the magic is for me,” Davies said. “I like to try and catch them while I’m talking to them, get to know them, and then catch them mid-smile. Then the smile is a genuine one.” Davies is a frequent freelance photographer for the Winchester Star, regualrly snapping pictures at EnKA Day, the Chamber of Commerce’s Project Runway, and the WFEE fundraiser, Prom N’Aid. … Davies has tried to bring both art and communications to her photos. For example, she is curently preparing for another Griffin Museum of Photography class where she plans to create a portfolio of portraits that are in the style of 1864 portrait photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron, who is exhibited in the V&A Museum in London. All of it, she said, helps make her portrait work, and her newspaper work more complete. “Maybe I can bring some of the photojournalist to my portraits,” Davies said. “I can bring my editor’s eye to this side of the camera.”

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